Monday, 17 March 2014

Dates & Anniversaries

So being that whilst my boyfriend (Brad) was in Melbourne our anniversary graced us with its sweet presence, we designated anniversary planning to moi & valentines to Brad. And becaaaause I went to school near oxford & we had planned to go punting, when the opportunity arose to go punting in the botanical gardens here in Melbourne I JUMPED at the chance. The company (Punt Tours) were so cuteeeee, all dressed in the old fashioned outfits, supplied me with my own parasol and gave us the (optional) talk about the botanical gardens. The tour takes half an hour & is reasonably cheap at $25 per person. A definite Do for a date. (or anniversary ;) ) Then afterwards a wander round the botanical gardens is required!

 Walking round the botanical gardens:

 & finally the finishing walk into the city :) 

For Dinner we headed to Coda on Flinders Lane for an absolutely amazing dinner to finish the night, which is a definite must-go-to restaurant:

-Playsuit-Kookai Au

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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Quinoa & Guacamole Madness

So Im so BEHIND on ye olde blog posts & someone highlighted this blundering error on instagram…which on the one hand made me feel bad, but on the other…its nice to know people care HEY?! So my boyfffffff came over to Melbourne to see me, only been a WHOPPING 12 weeks. And so inevitably we embraced each others company & embraced a good feeding throughout the two weeks. 

I have formed a serious obsession with quinoa, avocado and sun dried tomatoes. All of which I have in abundance over here in Melbourne. Now here are some of the little concoctions Brad & I made together heheeeee.

We also figured out the greatest thing ever-put your sun dried tomatoes under the grill…MMMMMMMMMMM 

I was also asked how I made this guacamole. And Hunnaaaay this is simple so I wish I could reap the rewards of a tricky recipe but literally here ya are:

  • 2 real ripe avocados (smashed up with a fork)
  • 1 red onion chopped uppp
  • 1 tomato chopped
  • maybe 2 garlic cloves (I used a teaspoon of lazy garlic. cos I'm a lazy gal)
  • A pinch of chilllllli (or a splash of tabasco!)
  • Juice of one lemon
  • Salt  & Pepper that puppy & you're ready to roll.

And finally my fav dip..beeeeetroot dip. Made by moi. 

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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Margot Robbie The hawtie.

So I watched The Wolf Of Wall Street. I thoroughly enjoyed-some said there was too much emphasis on sex & drugs. BUT WHO ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT THE FINANCIAL PART OF THE FILM?!! Tbh I was mainly flicking my attention from Leonardo Dicaprio to Margot Robbie. For sheer aesthetically pleasing reasons.

But here I wanna focus on Margot Robbie the Aussie beaut. Cos if you don't already know I'm in Melbourne for this year & hey Leo Dicap gets enough attention already:

Loved this scene (hehehehe):

Muchos lovin

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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Camberwell Sunday Market

Ahoy! So I thought I'd show you something I find fun about Melbourne…the markets!! If you're already from Australia this is probably not as exciting for you as it is for me. But in England our markets aint nufffffffin like the ones ya got here. I have been to a few really great ones but today Imma show my trip to my local market in Camberwell (it's on every sunday from 7am-1pm) :) 

 This is the market looking like a haphazard ball of colour, but really its so joyous to wander around-full of clothes, second hand or newly made small brands, plants, books, furniture…the list is endless. 

So I found this really beautiful stall full of my favourite things evvvver..CACTUSSSSS (or is it cacti? or cactus's?!?!) whom knows. Feel free to correct me. But yeah this woman makes little scenes. And let me tell you if i were small enough id blaaady live in them. 
Next stop was this GLORIOUS brand (fussy me apparel)… all cotton cute simple dresses, skirts, shorts and the likes. SO my style i was loving it. I even stripped off in front of the whole of the market to try a piece on.. a sight for sore eyes on an early sunday morning i tell ya. 
 I haaaad to purchase this grey dress (which is now kindly up on their instagram hehee): 

You can find them at FUSSY MEEEEE (CLICK HERE)
love & prosperity sistaa's

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Friday, 31 January 2014

Melbourne Houses & Street Photography.

This post I wanna show you some cool places I've seen on my various exploratory walks around Melbourne. I think the houses here are so friggggin cool/cute/interesting/different. Like the street I live on all the houses are slightly different & upon babysitting multiple families I have found lots of them have done a GRAND DESIGN ON YO ASS. and glass walled the back. Double heightened the ceilings and pooled the garden. and ho ho ho I ENJOYED. 

Okay this first one isn't a house.  BUT its a street…just on Degraves St in Melbourne CBD and its worth a mention:
 Car down the road. Cute puppy sir. 
 A block of flats where I go swimming (i think its kinda cool):
The best house on my street in my opinion:

How cool is this!!! Saw this in Kew:
 I like this. This was in St Kilda:

 Where I LIVEEEE :) :
Hope you enjoyed that little piece of homely fun

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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Pleated Skirts.

Gahd how I wish I was forever more either a school girl or a tennis player. This would allow me to wear such glorious skirts for a reason. I have looooved this style for ages now & i thought I would share with you some cute pleated skirts I have found as inspiration:

Zara got da goodies:
 Song of style blogger knows it:
 J.w Anderson MMMM:
 Not sure of this one, but its's cute nonetheless:
 American Apparel (imma get myself the peach coloured one OFFFFFF):
& I think this is Zara:

These are the cutest..Are ya with me!!? 

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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Short Hair. Don't Care.


So two days ago I cut all my hair off :) This isn't the first time Ive done this so when people say 'OHMAGAHD THAT WAS SO BRAVE' I lap up the attention of bravery, but really I feel I'm conning them…I have experienced such gallant bravery before but shh they need not know. 

I was constantly mocked at school for having short hair & not being a busty massive back-comb haired babe, and was called a lesbian on countless occasions. I can tell you I am not a lesbian, if I was I would whole heartedly shout it from the roof tops but alas I'd rather not be told I'm something I'm not due to a hair style. BUT blaise is back with renewed WHO CARES attitude & thus the HURR DID IS DONE. aka I CUT MY HAIR. 

Here are some absolute babes that also have short hair:

See yaaa :) 

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